There are no gauze or gloves for surgeries, a Mexican crisis from the health sector

At the Neurological Hospital, in Mexico City, administrative personnel warn about the lack of clinical instruments, there is not even soap

  • 10/02/2020
  • 21:55 hrs
  • Escuchar
There are no gauze or gloves for surgeries, a Mexican crisis from the health sector

"We do not want to be complicit in mismanagement," said the medical staff at the National Institute of Neurology. They denounced that unnecessary equipment is being rented; there is no equipment for surgery, there is a lack of medications, and ultimately there is not even soap.

The Secretary of Public Function, Irma Eréndira Sandoval Ballesteros, in the first of her visits to several National Health Institutes, began tours to determine possible acts of corruption and deficiencies in the service.

At the National Institute of Neurology, the workers condemn a series of deficiencies with which they struggle every day to be able to attend patients. They have to buy material and medicines in the absence of these supplies in the Hospital, according to what can be seen in different videos posted on social media.

"We have a shortage of items, mainly of supplies such as gauze, last week we did not have gloves to operate, sutures, patients are being asked to bring for all that type of supplies, there are no gowns, so we have all that scarcity," said one of the workers.

A nurse denounced that "another problem we have noticed since the pharmacy has been operating they told us that there would be no shortage and it has been worse, many times we do not have soap to wash our hands.  When we are in crisis, everyone buys a liquid soap.

"Our patients are suffering immensely, and that hurts us a lot because I have been working here for 30 years, and this had never happened. Another issue is that they are renting equipment that we have here, for example, there is a browser, and they lease a separate neuronavigation, with expenses that exceed up to 50 thousand pesos. They rent craniotomes when we also have them; they rent clips that we had reserved. Some came from headquarters and took them. We do not want to be complicit in bad management, and that is why I am letting you know," he emphasized.

The Internal Audit Staff said that it has open complaints, a file between seven or eight issues associated with problems in the operating room, since there is also no light, there are no respirators or sinks for surgery.

(José Guaderrama/Traducción: Valentina Khalife)