National Guard: few results, no identity and at Trumps service

Although the constitutional reform process began a year ago for the creation of the National Guard, it still lacks action protocols

  • 12/02/2020
  • 13:45 hrs
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National Guard: few results, no identity and at Trumps service

On February 3, a video showed how a group of Apatzingan residents, in Michoacán, received the National Guard by throwing eggs at them, which were traveling in trucks through the Aguililla-Apatzingán road, where an alleged blockade was carried out by organized crime.

The lack of response from the National Guard to this attack is due to the fact that although the constitutional reform process was created a year ago and began its operation in June, it still lacks action protocols for attacks such as the one in Michoacán. Cesar Gutierrez specialist in security issues explained to La Silla Rota.

The expert said that cases like this happen because crime organization groups are aware that the National Guard lacks protocols for acting on an assault where their life is not at risk.

Another issue is that they are also working on duties that do not have put not correspond to them, such as containing migratory flows on the southern border.

On the other hand, the objective for which it was created, to pacify the country, is not yet fulfilled.  The violence rates that plague the country has not been reduced, which in 2019 lived its most violent year.

LSR consulted legislators to have their opinion on the performance, and they acknowledged that the National Guard has not yet played a sufficient role against crime. The results achieved have been in the detention of migrants on the southern border. It has been criticized that almost a third of its 27 of 76 thousand troopers are dedicated to this work.

The member of the Security Commission of the Chamber of Deputies Mariana Dunyaska recalled that the National Guard was born under the good omen of the agreement between the parties to carry out its creation and thus support a security strategy proposed by the Executive.

"I recognize the commitment of the armed forces that, in this matter, have always delivered their best men for service to the National Guard. We do not see a National Guard that delivers results, lowers crime rates, caters to citizens," she lamented.

The PRI Senator, Manuel Añorve Baños, acknowledged that the National Guard is still in a developing stage. But the expectation that it generated does not correspond to the results shown. The highlight is its role in caring at the borders, in avoiding migration to Mexico and the United States.

"Almost 30 thousand of them have been assigned to follow orders from Donald Trump, to take care that migrants do not pass in the Suchiate and others in the Rio Grande. This is improper because the National Guard has no objectives to stop Central American, South American, or African migrants, just for doing Trump's dirty work," he said.

The senator of Morena, Cristóbal Arias, acknowledged that the results of the National Guard have been slow. He recalled that currently, the body is composed of a military majority. It depends on the Sedena and naval police of the Ministry of the Navy and some troopers from the former Federal Police. However, one of the goals is that the military no longer works on this.

(Luis Ramos/Traducción: Valentina K. Yanes)