How to cope with contingency at home?

Having a "home office" and being a mom has been a challenge for women

  • 08/04/2020
  • 13:08 hrs
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How to cope with contingency at home?
Today, the world took a 360-degree turn. (Foto: Pixabay)

Having a "home office" and being a mom has been a challenge for women, as well as explaining minors why they should be at home and keep a reasonable distance.

Just a few weeks ago, boys and girls were in their schools. In some institutions, they were preparing for the Spring Festival, the Birth of Benito Juárez, or even started with rehearsals for Mother's Day. Today, the world took a 360-degree turn. On March 14, 2020, the SEP announced that classes would be suspended from March 20 and until April 20, by covid-19, and then our routines changed.

In my case, my employers asked if I wanted to start a home office. The first week seemed very hasty, so I continued with the chamba. But the days passed, and the activities at home were overflowing. Fortunately, my mother always supports me. Although the contingency plan no longer allowed me to continue in the workplace, they sent us home, still thinking about the well-being of all and all.

These days, with a teenage son and daughter in preschool, have been exhausting.

Housework, family care, house chores, home office, school tasks, and endless daily activities are not enough. Women are doing a workday of more than 12 hours (although it works for us). In addition to this, always caring about the family, we try to pretend that nothing is wrong, and we organize the day to do activities with the infants.

My parents take care of my son while I am at the computer working, but there are activities that I have to do with him. I'm saturated, and she doesn't give me time, because she sees me there and asks me for things, "Patricia commented to me.

The emotional impact of "social isolation" or "quarantine" can be harmful and have repercussions on our health: depression, anxiety, stress, among many other illnesses that could generate or worsen. But not all is bad news because it is also time to take other alternatives and turn the negative around.

And then how do we cope with the recommendations?


It has been difficult for us to stop greeting each other with a kiss on the cheek or hugs, even with my children. The first days we invented a greeting to combat that distance, and I explained that for a while, we would be different to interact, this has worked for them.


"#SusanaDistancia teaches us the physical space we must maintain to prevent # COVID19 from spreading. Separating between 1.50 and 2.25 meters reduces the risk of contagion," said Hugo López-Gattel Ramírez, Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion.

Isolation inside the house is inevitable, and the shared spaces are now separated to watch television in the living room and dining room. Children have taken their arms as a measure, and we reinforce the superpower of the protective shield, making it more fun and safe.


One of the lessons learned from the flu was the sneezing of the forearm and regular hand washing. Fortunately, my daughter and son absorbed from school the correct procedure of washing their hands well and sneezing or coughing in the forearm. Here we are going to win. If not, there are several videos for girls and boys from Equeños that explain how to do it well.

"Elmo teaches you how to wash your hands."


Despite the emotional and family workload, different activities can be done with children, ranging from super easy cooking recipes, virtual tours of museums, or online courses, so you take advantage of the time at home. You can also look for cereal boxes or items that you no longer use so that children can build houses, spaceships, or let their imaginations run wild.

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