"You make the atole and I make the tamales"

The sale of tamales and atole made on the Toluca-Santiago Tianguistenco highway has brought forward the marriage of Agapito and María

  • 03/02/2021
  • 14:28 hrs
  • Escuchar
You make the atole and I make the tamales

What has brought the marriage forward formed by Mr. Agapito Martínez García and Mrs. María de Los Ángeles García Monroy, is the sale of tamales and atole in the Toluca-Santiago Tianguistenco highway municipality of Santa Cruz Atizapán. People like the dishes a lot because it has rib, beef, red chili, green, rajas, mole, sweet, blackberry with Philadelphia cheese and cranberry with cherry and chocolate, but with the southeast Mexican seasoning.

From an early hour, customers can also enjoy the dish with mamey atole, biscuit, champurrado, pinole, rice, mamey, strawberry, and chocolate, which Mrs. María de Los Ángeles makes.

Her husband remembers that "12 years ago, he told her to make tamales, but she refused. Then she got sick and wanted to go back to work, so she asked me what we could sell, and I insisted on selling tamales. I told her, you make the atole, and I make the tamales, and that's how it started, making tamales with red and green chili, slices, mole, and sweet, then we innovated and made them with barbecue, cochineal pibil, beef head, and shrimp".

And because Mr. Martínez García, originally from San Mateo Texcaliacac, municipality of Mexicaltzingo, has a family in Chiapas and Veracruz, he learned how to make tamales from these two states. That is why "the seasoning gives itself to me, the stew gives itself to me, but apart from I also know how to make shrimp broth or stuffed chicken, I like my job. I'm not lazy when it comes to cooking because the truth is, it sells very well, and when something sells well, you have to continue to improve yourself, my daughters-in-law and children I have already taught them, but it is tough for them, and they do not dedicate themselves to this".

He said that people like his tamales so much that before the pandemic began, some teachers passed by and ordered more than two dozen. "they would call, "I want 25 al diablo or 10 barbecues", many customers come and take ten, eight, five. Another person passed by and bought for resale in Cuernavaca. There are truck drivers who have taken them to Saltillo and Nuevo Laredo. "

He announced a new tamale as if it were a cocktail because he likes to innovate. His family must try it first, and if they don't like it, I stop. "I have also prepared natural jerky in green sauce. The other day I prepared kiwi with Philadelphia cheese, that is, something out of the ordinary. I like my job, " said the resident of Santa Cruz Atizapán.

The secret ingredient that marriage puts in tamales is a lot of love, "because if we prepare them on the run, it does not work. The cooking time is two hours, the dough, the anise, the broth, and making sure no one enters where they are being made. If someone enters, everything spoils to have them ready around seven, we have to begin cooking them at five in the morning, "explained Mrs. María de Los Ángeles, a native of Santa Cruz Atizapán.

She recounted they started making the rib tamales because one day they had a lot of dough left, "it was a good one, so my husband told me what we did and how we did eat rib in green chili. From there we started to make more and as we saw that It turned out is what has made us of many clients, the rib and head of beef and the pieces of meat are abundant ".

Finally, the couple sells on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings, on the Toluca-Santiago Tianguistenco highway, in the municipality of Santa Cruz Atizapán.


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