December left 277,820 people out of work

According to Social Security, 647,710 jobs were lost in 2020

  • 12/01/2021
  • 18:48 hrs
  • Escuchar
December left 277,820 people out of work
Usually, in the last month of the year, employment decreases. (Archive)

According to data from the Mexican Institute of Social Security, December broke the four-month streak of job recovery in Mexico 277, 820 jobs lost.

The most significant drop was registered from March to July; the pandemic left 1,117 thousand 584 jobless. Although 555 thousand 600 recovered from August to November.

The IMSS reported that as of December 31, it had registered 19 million 773 thousand 732 jobs, 86% of them are permanent and 14% temporary. During December, the decrease was 277 thousand 820 jobs, a drop of -1.4%, less than that of December of the previous five years, which was -1.8%.

Usually, in the last month of the year, employment decreases. The Institute has detected companies that engage in illegal practices, such as firing their workers and rehiring them in January. Hence, it even sent letters to these companies to avoid this situation.


The pandemic had a substantial impact on employment in Mexico. In February 2020, before the confinement began, a total of 20 million 613 thousand 536 jobs had been registered with the IMSS.

In March, 130 thousand 593 jobs were lost, while in April the decrease was 555 thousand 247, in May it was 344 thousand 526, in June it was 83 thousand 311, and in July it was 3 thousand 907, for a total of 1 million 117 thousand 584 jobs that disappeared.

In August, the first lights of the recovery were seen, as there was an increase of 92,390 jobs; in September it was 113,850; in October it was the largest increase with 200 thousand 641, it was 148 thousand 719.

The IMSS pointed out that Baja California, Tabasco, and Chihuahua's states show a positive annual variation. The highest yearly growth sectors were agriculture with 1.4%, electricity with 0.3%, and social and community services with 0.4%.

On other positive issues, the average salary of affiliated workers is 408 pesos, representing an annual increase of 7.9% and is the highest for December in the last ten years.

Traducción: Valentina K. Yanes