Community kitchens increase due to pandemics in CDMX

The head of government commented that 5,000 extra food is given a day due to increased covid patients and the economic crisis

  • 08/02/2021
  • 20:46 hrs
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Community kitchens increase due to pandemics in CDMX
This represented the first setback since 2009 when 91,868 jobs were lost. (Cuartoscuro)

The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced an increase in community kitchens' daily use during the Covid-19 pandemic in Mexico City.

Together with Almudena Ocejo Rojo, head of the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Welfare (Sibiso), and Martha Noelia Mare, director of the Social Dining program, they presented the project to guarantee support to families affected by the pandemic, people with relatives in hospitals and homeless.

One part has to do with hospitalized patients and the other part because we have to do a test, a more significant investigation to find out exactly why this demand increased. We are talking about 70 thousand meals a day and in public cases 18 thousand that is to say that 30% about 5 thousand additional meals daily

"In 2021, our goal is to operate 417 community kitchens and 95 public kitchens", the president mentioned during her morning conference.

Sheinbaum commented that there is no exact data in people who go to the dining rooms, "the number of foods is working both Sibiso and Evalúa to know what happened in these particular circumstances (of increase). It is logical that if the number of patients in hospitals increases, the number of people outside the hospital waiting for the patients' news also increases. Hence, there are mobile soup kitchens", she mentioned.

She also reported that it seeks to help priority sectors. They settled mainly in hospital areas such as Tlalpan, where all the national health institutes are located, and some other vital points.

Almudena Ocejo Rojo, head of Sibiso, reported that each complete meal has a cost of 11 pesos in the on-site dining rooms. However, 20 emergencies were activated due to the pandemic that is free or of voluntary cooperation. According to data published by the IMSS in January, in Mexico City, 39.6 percent of the country's job losses were registered, that is, 256,145 jobs.

This represented the first setback since 2009 when 91,868 jobs were lost.

Traducción: Valentina K. Yanes