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"Breadcrumbing", the tactic narcissists and insecure use when flirting

People who use "breadcrumbing" to flirt usually have insecurity problems and seek approval to feed their ego. Watch out!


Breadcrumbing is not a new tactic. The insecure and narcissists have historically used it to trap their victims. Recognize the signs and stay away from these cruel "Don Juanes" as much as possible.

Breadcrumbing refers to an attitude in which the person gives small signs of wanting something with you, but in reality, has no intention of formalizing. It involves occasional flirtations to keep the other party interested.

Perhaps you have had to deal with a man who uses this technique. They flirt, respond to your Instagram stories but don''t reply to your messages, tell you positive things, and ask you out, but they always cancel dates, has it happened to you?

People who leave breadcrumbs tend to have insecurity problems and a constant need for approval. "They need someone to be constantly thinking about them, seek to feed their ego and are very narcissistic," says psychologist Gabriela Paoli in her book Salud Digital.

The same psychologist affirms that there is also a type of passive "breadcrumbing" and describes them as "people who find it difficult to position themselves; they are not proactive. They are individuals with low self-esteem, little confidence in themselves, and don''t dare to be honest and say: ''We are not getting to know each other, but I am in another moment. They are people who are waiting for the other to leave them, but do not dare to stop supplying those romantic breadcrumbs ".

It''s one of the cruelest flirting techniques.

Breadcrumbing is one of the cruelest flirting techniques. With no emotional responsibility, it leaves the other person waiting for a relationship and can even affect its prey''s mental health.

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Have you ever been left with the expectation of a relationship that never materialized? It is a more common technique than we could imagine. How did it affect you?

Just as "breadcrumbing" seriously affects people''s mental health and safety, it also perpetuates unequal, misleading, and toxic ways of relating to ourselves. Isn''t it much better to speak to us directly with the truth?

Did you identify yourself as a "breadcrumbing"? Does your flirt apply this technique?

If you recognize you are a "breadcrumbing," you still have time to modify your attitudes and make peace with yourself. Do not fill your ego with that constant need for approval that you get by leaving crumbs of love to your friends. It is cruel and inconsiderate.

On the other hand, if you identified that your current relationship applies breadcrumbing, be very alert; you can face it and honestly ask if that flirting is going anywhere. Better yet, you can walk away and focus your attention on people who seek to establish healthy and responsible relationships. Remember always to put your mental health first, no matter how much you like that manipulative flirt.

Translation: Valentina K. Yanes