What is sapiosexual?

Watch out! Sapiosexuals with low self-esteem can "idealize" the other person, generating a codependency relationship and creating a toxic relation

  • 20/04/2020
  • 17:13 hrs
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What is sapiosexual?
What is sapiosexual? (Photo: Pexels)

Have you heard about what it is to be sapiosexual? The phrases "he is not handsome, but he has something," or "I don't know, but when he speaks, I like it," could be a sign that you are a sapiosexual. Sapiosexual is the concept that refers to feeling sexual attraction and desire for the intelligence or the moral qualities of a person. This is not a new term, and some cases happen when students fall in love with their teachers. It's not that they like you physically, but the attraction is intellectual. Something curious is that technology and social networks test sapiosexuality.

Why would you agree to talk to a guy on Tinder?

Aside from his photos, the way he talks to you, greets you, or tries to win you over. Conversely, the way women speak or write in these apps also appeals to them.

Who are the sapiosexuals?

Sapiosexuals usually have a more intellectual need; they look for a compelling conversation and are attracted to acquire knowledge through dialogue with the other.

Who are more sapiosexual men or women?

According to the newspaper La Vanguardia, women are more sapiosexual than men. Men are stimulated more through sight, therefore, through the physical. Instead, women need other stimulations, the ear being one of the main ones. That is why, through conversation, men's knowledge tends to provoke sexual attraction.

Other bits of intelligence that also attract are:

Emotional intelligence

This intelligence is related to the management of feelings, emotions, self-knowledge, empathy, etc.

Social intelligence

With this characteristic, we see how our partner or crush relates to others, being extroverted, having a sense of humor, knowing how to win people over, among other traits.

Sexual and erotic intelligence

This quality is related to the sensual game that one knows how to create and awaken by enhancing desire and seduction.

Let's remember that our main sexual organ is the brain, and any of these bits of intelligence can awaken a powerful attraction.

In addition to these characteristics that we can feel attracted too. There is also the physical aspect and "chemistry" that generates during the first contact. This type of interaction is not conscious; we feel it.

Intellectual attraction occurs after physical attraction, as we have more interaction with the other person.

Watch out! Sapiosexuals with low self-esteem can "idealize" the other person,  generating a codependency relationship and creating an asymmetric and toxic relationship.

(Traducción: Valentina K. Yanes)