Five series to marathon the quarantine and debate feminism

In La Cadera de Eva we select a few series that offer exciting stories from a gender perspective

  • 08/04/2020
  • 20:16 hrs
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Five series to marathon the quarantine and debate feminism

For many, the quarantine forced by covid-19 may be an excellent opportunity to rest or take advantage of the free time to watch a series to distract yourself from the current situation.

In La Cadera de Eva we chose some series that offer exciting stories from a gender perspective and that you can watch on Netflix, Amazon, and HBO.

Sex education

 The British series, which has had a complete success aimed at a teenage audience and fascinating generations higher up. With a fresh script, it addresses female leadership and empowerment, female pleasure, sexual harassment, and sorority.

The Handmaid's Tale

The series based on Margaret Atwood's novel has sparked dozens of debates over whether or not it is feminist series. By presenting a dystopian future where women are sexualized and turned into merely a reproductive object, the oppression of the female gender is much more visible and prominent. However, some characters do not give in to this system, and the story becomes attractive to many. What do you think?


The most constant debate by which all women who go through a deconstruction process towards feminism, is the discrepancy in our actions. A carefree series shows a woman who has contrasts like any other, egotistical, fun, spontaneous, happy, without prejudice. Still, with trauma and toxic relationships, so you can rethink many of your ideas.

The chilling adventures of Sabrina

The classic childhood and adolescence of many of us returned a few years ago to rethink and question the behaviors and dogmas that we usually accept without blinking.

In Sabrina's fictional world, the young 16-year-old shows ideals that don't match her family's, dominated by women but who yield to men; In all three seasons, Sabrina talks about empowerment, minority inclusion, and sisterhood.

Working moms

Another debate that women would like not to have to live is how to avoid motherhood.

Working Moms is a realistic series without heroines and transparent characters who try to maintain their professional and personal life while motherhood goes through them.

Traducción: Valentina K. Yanes